Do like Thorup Copenhagen… Win large tenders with carbon footprint and ecolabelling.

Case study with

Throrup Copenhagen

In response to increasing demands, especially for larger projects, Thorup Copenhagen aimed to document their carbon footprint and label their products with the EU Ecolabel. This effort underscores their commitment to designing and producing the Noel collection with environmental care.

We were chosen as a partner for this project, handling the entire process. The Noel chair collection is now proudly eco-labeled with the EU Ecolabel, and the carbon footprint of each variant has calculated and documented in accordance with ISO 14067.

CEO Kasper Thorup shares: “It has been crucial to have a partner who could help us with this important task and manage the entire process. We are now much stronger in the contract market and have gained valuable insights into how we can work with our products to reduce their climate impact.”

We thank Thorup Copenhagen for the cooperation and look forward to future engagements as we continue to advance sustainability in design.

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