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The time for change is now. Evidence is clear and action is becoming inevitable due to legislation and customer demands. Let us perceive it as great opportunities, together!

LCA and carbon footprint calcuations

Do you have a product or a product group that needs to undergo a carbon footprint screening or an in-depth analysis? We can assist you throughout the entire process. We are experts in internationally acknowledged standards and offer to generate documentation after demand. We work with ISO 14067 and PEF.

“We need data as the foundation for enlightened decisions and improvements!”

Eco labeling

EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel provide transparency and credibility regarding a product’s environmental attributes and promote sustainable practices. For you, it is a way to document that your products are made with care for the environment. We have experience with the application process as both applicant and supplier to an applicant, so we know how to generate the documentation for the application. Let us do what we are good at, so you can focus on what you are good at.

An enviormental partner

Are you one of these, and do you know how to handle the requirements and requests? Do you need help or advice? We can be your flexible resource to free up time for your core business.

Product development

We have several years of experience with product development and in-depth knowledge about manufacturing. Let us be your partner in this crucial phase, and we will guarantee best use of Design for Manufactoring and Sustainability (DFM and DFS) while providing carbon screenings for all potential solutions. Striving for the lowest carbon footprint can sometimes go hand in hand with the best production costs, and we know how.

“Fantastisk samarbejde og detaljerede analyser!”
“Professionielt, god indsats, godt team, especialy the design team!!!.”
“The most amazing ux/ui designers must’ve been behind the design of the platform!”

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